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Plant the future, Watch it grow, Make a difference!
                                                                                                                    Huron, Ohio
Plant the Future, Watch it Grow, Make a Difference!
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The Foundation’s Goal:  
It is the Huron Educational Foundation’s goal to aggregate all contributed funds and invest them in various portfolios for the betterment of all academic opportunities for Huron City Schools and its students.

The Foundation’s Purpose:
The Foundation’s purpose is to solicit, invest and distribute funds to assist with the academic successes of the Huron City School students, through student financial assistance to aid in their collegiate, post graduate or 
other advanced education, and through grants to support and enhance programs, provide tools and equipment and provide opportunities for Huron teachers to improve their teaching skills or content knowledge. 
With the establishment of the Foundation, all donations are tax exempt, therefore, encouraging more deductible charitable giving. Investing funds from multiple entities into one foundation will allow for a higher rate 
and a better return on investment. Read more