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Plant the future, Watch it grow, Make a difference!
                                                                                                                    Huron, Ohio
Plant the Future, Watch it Grow, Make a Difference!
Donor-Directed Endowment Fund 
($25,000 minimum)

There are donors who want to be actively involved with their charitable giving, but want the help of expert partners and managers. 

By establishing a Donor-Directed Fund, a donor can recommend grants from their fund for scholarship assistance to graduating seniors, or to focus on a specific area or areas for assistance and/or enrichment. For example, a donor may decide that their fund may be used to improve the quality of teacher education and direct that funds be appropriated for teacher training. Donor-Directed Funds may be pointed to music programs and focus on band/orchestra instrument replacement or focus on science and technology equipment upgrades. Family members may advise jointly with the donor. The HEF can help select grantees or structure grants. A donor-advised fund can ultimately become a permanent family legacy 
for the community.

•   Funds are simple to create. 

•   There are no start-up costs. 

•   Gifts to the funds are generally tax deductible.

•   Once established at the $25,000 minimum, the fund can be added to in
any amount, at any time.

•   Donors make advisory grant recommendations; final review and 
approval rest with HEF’s Distribution Policy Statement and 
approved donor agreements.

•   Donors may use the Huron City School professional staff to assist 
them in grant application selection process.

•   Administrative tasks (reporting, record keeping, correspondence, grant
distribution and grant managing) are handled by the HEF.

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