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Plant the future, Watch it grow, Make a difference!
                                                                                                                    Huron, Ohio
Plant the Future, Watch it Grow, Make a Difference!
Distribution of Funds Policy...

Distributions from the Huron Educational Foundation’s funds are made annually based on the Board of Director’s approved Distribution Policy. The Distribution Policy governs the amount of funds to be distributed annually to the Huron City Schools’ students for educational program enrichment. Distributions may be further restricted by appropriately authorized Donor Agreements.

The Foundation's distribution policy and investment strategy are designed to work together to preserve the inflation-adjusted value of the portfolio over time. This protects the community from erosion of the "purchasing power" of the endowment, and frees investment managers to invest for long-term growth of the endowment. Thus, the Endowment avoids harmful fluctuations in the level of funding available for current grant making, and provides for investment growth to increase future grant making. 

The Foundation uses a total return investment approach, with annual spending for endowment funds based on the past 12 quarters' average market values. This is subject to established floor and ceiling limits of current assets.

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